RSM Korea




We are members of the RSM network, the 6th largest network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms in the world. RSM was formed in 1964, adopting its current name worldwide on 1 January 1993. Our membership in RSM offers substantial benefits to our clients.

We are able to call upon the services and expertise of member firms in over 760 offices across 120 countries.

2004 year

  • Aug. Registered at ‘US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)’ 

2002 year

  • Jul. Designated as a professional M&A agency by ‘Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO)’ 

2001 year

  • Aug. Obtained a qualification for presenting audit reports by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also registerd on the registered on the‘US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’ 

1996 year

  • Jul. Entrusted as an analytic committee of applications for composition and legal management by the Company Reorganization Act of the Seoul District Court

1994 year

  • Sep. Registered as a qualified corporation for securities measurement of service contractors for the Ministry of National Defense

1993 year

  • Jan. Renamed DRM International into RSM International 

1992 year

  • Jan. Concluded a Cooperation Agreement with DRM International
  • Mar. Designated as a cost accounting service agency by the Korean Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • May. 1992 Designated as a professional agency for analyzing marketable securities and a merger evaluation agency by the Korean Securities and Exchange Commission 

1989 year

  • Mar. Merged with Donje Accounting Corporation 

1970 year

  • Feb. Established Shinhan Accounting Corporation